Ensure that you take the pictures from a distance and still look good

If you are sure that your close up would not be as good as your distant photo, then you may always want to take the picture from a distance. One thing that you could do is to request your family members to help take your picture from a distance. But, do you think they would be free all the time and would be ready immediately you ask them to take the picture. They would have hell lot of work at home and may not have the time to take multiple pictures for you. Also, if it is a onetime request then they would think of postponing their work, but if at all you have been repeatedly asking them, then there is a chance that they would skip your request and get into work without reconsidering your request.

So, what best you could do is to use the selfie stick for which you should invest only once but enjoy the benefits each time you use it. Also, the advantage of using it is that you would look good in the various dresses that you would have chosen with care. One other reason why you may want to take the pictures from a distance is to show what sort of costly dresses you have with you and what sort of a dressing style you follow. All these details when captured using a selfie stick and a phone you are likely to get more likes on the social media network and thus make you popular in these networks. Of course, the chances of making friendship with new people would also be high. Your friend requests would also be accepted with ease without you having to send multiple requests. It could also happen in reverse that you would get friend requests than you sending them.